Las Vegas Property Management Services

Let us help you! Placing your investment in the hands of a property management company is, for some a quite an unsettling and overwhelming decision. The level of customer service and personal approach we take with owners and tenants alike is what sets us apart from some of the larger companies in the valley.  I pride myself on being qualified to handle all aspects of property management; the goal is to think of everything so you don’t have to. My team and I specialize in property management all over Las Vegas; we have both the experience and resources to help you maximize your return.


Online and offline marketing is included in your one time set-up fee. As soon as we know your property will be available we start the advertising process. My team and I use the MLS and numerous high ranked sites including Zillow,, Hotpads & Trulia. Unlike other property management companies, we understand the importance of being available when the prospective tenant is and are always available everyday of the week including Saturday and Sunday. Our primary focus will be to get your investment viewed on as many available outlets while filling vacancies quickly and with quality renters.


My team and I personally take the time to screen all prospective tenants. With our personal approach; credit is ran, all references are checked and income verified by a live person. Our tenant qualifying process consists of a full rental application, FICO score pulled and also leasing information from past landlords whenever possible. All of this information compiled together helps us all get a good look and the bigger picture and the likelihood of the prospect’s ability to pay rent on time and take care of the property.  The goal in mind is to always protect your best interests and your investment by placing the best possible tenant in the property.


Repair requests are handled in-house. We have licensed vendors on call to handle any repair in a timely fashion. Around the clock assistance is offered for any emergency repair such as loss of heat or air conditioning, issues with hot water or fire. Any issue that arises with the property is handled personally and professionally with approval from the owner. We do not employ a maintenance staff and never profit off of any repair, owners are always sent a detailed invoice and are needed to approve any repair over $250.


We provide all leasing agreements and documentation, thus taking the headache out of it for our homeowners. These prepared documents outline owner/tenant responsibilities, security deposits and any addendums added to the lease. After signing; tenant and owner are provided with copies of all applicable documents. We actively monitor the market for a minimum of 90 days prior to any lease renewal and adjust the rent based on the market and the owners wishes.


When the property is rented the owner still maintains responsibility for any violation by tenant or guests. My team and I would like to take that responsibility off of your shoulders. In the event of an infraction or HOA complaint we communicate with all tenants with the utmost urgency to avoid any fees being accrued. If action is not taken in time we bill tenants directly. All tenants are provided with HOA rules and regulations as part of our services. Although our goal is to always rent to candidates who will pay the rent on time, sometimes life happens. We serve all notices, evictions and attend all court proceedings on your behalf. 


All of our homeowners are provided with a portal to log on to AppFollio. On this portal you’ll be able to track rent payments, late fees and payments made. You’ll have all the financials concerning your investment at your fingertips making the view of the big picture effortless. We also provide you with your yearly 1099.

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